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We have 3 levels in our Partnership Programme


Our consultant programme is for marketing companies, IT support companies and other marketing professionals that want to sell web services to their customers but want to outsource the build and host and support the EonicWeb sites in-house.

Typically they will.

  • Gather the Customer Requirements
  • Design the content and the structure of the the site
  • Provide a design visual
  • Manage the project and the customer interactions
  • Enter the new content in to the CMS
  • Undertake testing

They will ask an EonicWeb Certified Developer / Hosting Provider to complete the following

  • Build the site on the EonicWeb Platform
  • Undertake any snagging required
  • Build any bespoke requirements
  • Put the site live and provide ongoing hosting and support

The solution can be fully whitelabeled so Eonic is invisible to your customer.

Resellers get an attractive discount on our services.

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As a certified developer you will have your own local or team eonicweb development environment.

You will develop sites using the XSLT and Xforms available in the system.

You will have full access to the EonicWeb source code, via a shared online source control system.

You will have the ability to build bespoke plugins for your clients, and may submit these for testing and addition to the marketplace to generate additional revenue.

You may contribute to the on-going development of the platform and any changes will be tested and included in future releases.

  • You will host, support and manage updates for your customers


  • You may host on the Eonic Cloud hosting system with full access to our control panel for your customers


  • You will use an Eonic Certified Hosting provider

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As a hosting partner you will be able to host the server level installation on your own machines.

You will have detailed expertise in supporting EonicWeb websites.