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Enterprise architecture

Stability and Upgradability as Standard


"Enterprise Architecture" means that is it a solution that is designed to scale as your solution grows.

EonicWeb is built on the Microsoft .Net framework and is designed to be able to scale across multiple machines as your website grows.

It also uses the 'N' Tier or more recently referred to as MVC architecture  model.

The idea is that the Database (M odel), Business Logic (C ontroller) and Presentation (V iew) are separated out into distinct areas within the application.


The database runs on Microsoft SQL Server 2014 a superb and stable enterprise level database platform.

The database schema is consistent between all sites regardless of bespoke modifications. The platform manages any required updates to the database schema as required.

The database is responsible for storing, all Page Information, Site Content, Users, Access Rights, Order History and much more.

Business Logic

The business logic defines the logic around the content presented on the page and how that is managed and updated behind the scenes.

The business logic in EonicWeb is unique in that it is updated at a platform level so individual sites will always be running on the latest version.

Bespoke features that require additional business logic can be developed using our plugin model, whilst not affecting the overall platform upgrade paths.

All of the above means that the web developer need not worry about any of this, and they can focus on the customers requirements, which leads us to the....

Presentation Layer

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