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We are yet to decide exactly which licence is right for us.


But our decision will be driven by these principles.

Our intention is that in time we will to provide the core framework of EonicWeb under an opensource licence.

Providing a Commercially Licenced Pro version that enables access to more advanced features such as membership, version control and eCommerce features.

We are not precious about the source code , if you want to have access to it to help extend or write add-ons please get in touch and it can be arranged.

However we are very keen to ensure all installations of EonicWeb benefit from its innate ability to be upgraded at a platform hosting level (GAC), therefore we want to ensure that any changes made to the core code-base are managed by Eonic.

EonicWeb can be freely overloaded and many core functions can get bespoke modifications, care should be taken that the overloaded component will benefit from ongoing upgrades to the Core dll.

We also want to ensure that making the source code freely available will not increase the risk of our many existing customer websites being vulnerable to malicious activity.

Finally we need to ensure Eonic ltd. remains on a financially sound footing to drive forward the development of the product for the benefit all its users.