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For agency owners

Benefits for website owners


Really simple to use and update

Okay, we we know everyone says this about their CMS, but ProteanCMS really is very easy and intuitive ...seriously! It also has greater flexibility with regards to getting the right content on the right pages in the right layout than almost any other system out there. Give it a try!

Fully hosted and managed platform

No more dealing with hosting companies, web designers or open-source communities all pointing fingers and blaming each other for CMS problems, whilst your business is caught in the middle. You deal with one professional, accountable company with a team of experts who work together to give you perfect results.

The features you need out of the box

We know there are platforms out there with hundreds of features which can confuse and befudddle you, as many of these are plug-ins that are rarely-used. We've focused on delivering the features you genuinely need and making them easy to use.


Continual platform upgrade

We know the internet is continually evolving and our unique architecture allows your site to evolve with it. New features, security and any bug fixes are regularly delivered to our shared core platform, ensuring you are always running on the latest software version and benefiting from new features.

No limits on your bespoke features

We know your business is unique and at some stage will want something built just for your business. The platform is easily extendable in every area, whilst still retaining a clear upgrade path.

Backed up by top agency services

You can begin with a simple off-the-shelf package with the option to call on us as your business and requirements grow. We can deliver website performance consultancy, creative design services, bespoke development and 3rd party systems integration.