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Release History



EonicWeb5 V5.0.159.0

11 May 2018

Updates to image library to allow moving of images, and updating content where images are referenced.

Addition of XSLT function to make an HTML string safe for inclusion in javascript

Multiple improvements to subscriptions management 


EonicWeb5 V5.1.135.0

03 Oct 2017

Latest release of our software platform, with a raft of further enhancements.


EonicWeb V5.0.130

25 Apr 2017

This very exciting release of the EonicWeb5 platform includes a raft of new features and performance tweaks including very advanced page caching designed to ensure sites run very quickly indeed.


EonicWeb V5.0.129

22 Feb 2017

Major admin system refresh.


EonicWeb v5.0.103 - Platform Update

18 Apr 2016

Minor release with some further improvements to the "Collection" options for shipped items.

Also resolve some issues with compatibility with older versions of the database.


EonicWeb v5.0.100 - Platform Update

05 Apr 2016

We have reached the 100th minor update of EonicWeb 5. This means that our clients continue to see improvements to their website and the features available to them when they update their site.

This update launched today contains a number of improvements to our shopping cart system primarily to email customers about delivery and providing parcel tracking links. We have also added a tool to allow page re-directs to be managed with the CMS platform. Along well many other minor improvements.