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EonicWeb V5.0.130

25 Apr 2017

This very exciting release of the EonicWeb5 platform includes a raft of new features and performance tweaks including very advanced page caching designed to ensure sites run very quickly indeed.

Flat File Page Cache

This major new feature enables the server to store a flat html version of pages and serve them when required leading to a 10 to 20x page speed improvement. This facility can be enabled within the system settings. However this should be done with caution on any sites that have any bespoke facilities, e-commerce or membership, small adjustments to the code may be required to resolve any issues found. Each site should be tested after implementing this, pages will not cache if a user is logged on or if a user has items in the shopping cart.

Cached files are cleared whenever pages are edited in the admin system and they naturally refresh after 24 hours.

Image Optimisation on Upload and Resize

All images are optimised using the ImageMagik library on upload and when thumbnails are resized. This should lead to reduced files sizes for all images on the platform.

Social Media Links - Adding Instagram

The Social Links Module now includes Instagram

Feed Handler Improvements

Sites that contain scheduled feed imports for instance updating product prices and stock levels from supplier API's now have the ability to pick up where they left off if the feed has timed out during execution.

Facebook Logon facilities  - OAuth Integration (Beta)

Sites with membership enabled can now have a Facebook logon button to enable users to login using there Facebook account details. This is currently in Beta, we are also planing integration with Twitter, Google and Microsoft.

Validate Content Detail URL

When a content item is viewed in detail such as a news article or product, the site will now check the full URL rather than just the /_1234/ id part of the URL and return a 404 error. This is to prevent linking to /_1234/anyoldname pages.

Fix for Google chrome CSS/JS Caching issues.

Recent updates to Google chrome have not fully refreshed all page resources such as CSS and Javascript when you hit F5 or the refresh button. Now if you hit Rebundle these resources are loaded with an updated URL to resolve this issue.