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Compare with WordPress





Microsoft .Net 4.5

Full enterprise architecture development platform.


Website Scripting Language

First Released


2003 (Basic CMS from 2005)


Developed from scratch as a full featured content management system.

Evolved from blogging software.

Current Version




Opensource on GitHub

Open Source, out of the box.

But with a multitude of pay for add-ons from many different vendors and licence models.


Microsoft SQL Server



Consistent and tight data schema, that can cater for almost all bespoke features without database changes.
Database upgrade process fully managed, and every database has a consistent schema

Each plugin installs new database tables. Database can get unwieldy and very inconsistent.


EonicWeb uses a very strict tiered architecture similar to MVC.

All business logic is in a compiled high performance binary installed on the host server.

All HTML templates are managed in XSLT,

PHP is an interpreted language that contains Embedded HTML.

Throughout the platform HTML code is embedded within the business logic.

HTML templating is done by editing included PHP files, bespoke code can be embedded making it difficult to support and harder to manage upgrades.



The business logic and common files are stored at a server level and upgraded by Eonic automatically.


… and problematic process that needs to be conducted with caution as many plugins conflict with and break the upgrade path.

Plugin, theme and WP version conflicts can present significant issues.


Has never been hacked.

The code base is written in an extremely secure way.

No reliance on 3rd party add-ons significantly reduces risk.

Is prone to hacks as the code is public.

Many plugins from many 3rd party vendors can introduce new security holes.

Very active hacking community targeting WP vulnerabilities.

Because of the issues outlined with upgrading the majority of sites are not upgraded regularly leaving them open at significant risk of hacking.


Certified for Microsoft Servers.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Not certified and inconsistent setups between server environments.


Fully supported under contract with the actual developers of the platform.

We are building a network of approved resellers that can support and host the platform for you if you prefer.

Many web developers will support wordpress however they all tend to have a very different method of utilising the platform and a whole suite of plugins they are familiar with.

When moving to a new developer you can expect quite a bit of work for them to upgrade and bring your platform in line with their standard way of working.

This work may well be as significant as the cost of rebuilding the site on a different CMS.


Can be hosted on any Windows Server Platform running .net 4.5

Can be hosted on both Windows and Linux servers

Ease of Use

Easy to learn and intuitive for the beginner

WYSIWYG page editing

Very feature rich

Full telephone support and training available.

Complex and opaque.

WordPress assumes a level of HTML and web design knowledge and has a steep learning curve.

Very inflexible page layouts.

Web developers love this because it keeps you coming back to them for changes and update.




Responsive Design

All new sites

Depends on theme installed

Flexible Page Layouts

Built In and awesome

Depends on theme and limited


Built In (extra licence cost)

3rd Party Paid Plugins

Advanced Membership Features and permissions management and reporting.

Built in (extra licence cost)

Limited / Paid Plugins


Built In

Multiple Paid Plugins required

Site Search

Content specific Search and Site Index. Highly configurable and built in.

Plugin Required

Javascript / CSS compression

Built In

Plug in and very fiddly

News / Blog

Built In

Built In

Text and Images

Built In

Built In

Events and Calendar

Built In

Paid Plugin

Job Vacancies

Built In

Paid Plugin

Advanced Animated Banners

Built In

Paid Plugin

Document Downloads

Built In

Requires HTML Knowledge / Plugin

Email Marketing - Integration

Campaign Monitor / iContact  (extra licence cost)

Signup only

Email Newsletter Building

Built In (extra licence cost)

Not available

Videos / Audio

Built In You Tube / Vimeo / HTML5 / MP3

Azure Media Streaming  (extra licence cost)

You Tube only requires HTML knowledge

Google Maps

Built In

3rd Party Plugin

Contacts / whos who

Built In

3rd Party Plugin

Company Directory

Built in

3rd Party Plugin


Built In

3rd Party Plugin


Built In

3rd Party Plugin

Testimonials List

Built in

3rd Party Plugin

Image Gallery

Built in

3rd Party Plugin

Links and Menus

Built in

Theme dependant


Built in

3rd Party Plugin


Built in

Built in rich snippets datatypes

Built in

3rd Party Plugin / Manual template changes

Social Networking Widgets

Built in

3rd Party Plugin

Form Builder

Simple Form Built In – Advanced Developer only

3rd Party Plugin

Subscription Management

Built In (extra licence cost)

3rd Party Plugin

Learning Management

Exams and Testing

Built In (extra licence cost)

3rd Party Platform – not linked

Property Listings

Available on request


Bespoke Content Types

Available for low development costs

Plugin Dependant or cost of building bespoke plugin, likely to cost more.

Bespoke Integration

Framework developed to cater for integrations whilst still keep upgrade paths clean.

Any bespoke integration risks upgrade issues.

New Features

As they are added they will become available for all

Requires bespoke plugin integration.

Quote Engines

Integration available on request