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EonicWeb5 V5.1.135.0

03 Oct 2017

Latest release of our software platform, with a raft of further enhancements.

The full detail of the issues addressed in this release can be found here the highlights are below.

New eCommerce JSON API functionality. 

This allows sites to update a users shopping cart by lightweight API calls without redrawing the page, this will need to be implemented on a per template basis, but will significantly improve a users shopping experience.

Further Improvements to Page Caching.

We have made a number of updates to the page caching functionality that significantly improves the performance of pages, and the reliability of this feature. For cached pages the load speed should be less than .25 of a second and should meet the most stringent performance guidelines.

Updates to better respect Schema.Org and Facebook Opengraph

Content within the system such as products and news articles now better represents the standards outlined in ensuring that content is better understood by search engines.

In addition we have resolved a number of issues around our Opengraph encoding ensuring pages that are shared on Facebook show the ideal picture and headline and snippet of text to be shared.