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Getting Started

Getting Started With EonicWeb Development


To Run EonicWeb locally for development purposes, so you can run the website on your machine to make changes independently of the live hosted website follow these instructions.

The best place to start is by downloading the Microsoft Web Platform installer.

From here you will need to install the following...

  • IIS Recommended Configuration
  • URL Rewrite 2.0
  • Microsoft SQL Express LocalDB Edition or have an accessible SQL Server 2012 or later on your local network.

Also please ensure you have Visual Studio ideally the latest version here...

Next get yourself an account on GitHub

You then want to get the latest version of the EonicWeb code (CLONE) via visual studio from GitHub.

In visual studio go to Team / Manage Connections / Local Git Repositories / Clone

Enter this as the URL

And specific a local file location to download too.

This will get the code locally.

Then open the EonicWeb5CMS.sln file in visual studio.

You should then be able to run the code from within visual studio, this will compile EonicWeb, and open the website in a browser.

To do this right click on the wwwroot node in the opened solution and select set as "startup project" and then press "Debug".

Once it is open in a browser you will need to enter the connection details to a local MS SQL database.

Once this is setup your site should be running locally when debugging in Visual Studio.