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Using the Edit buttons

Using Edit Buttons


  1. Add Module
    Adds a new module to the current column. You can add new columns, formatted text, images, videos, (news/product/link/contact) list modules etc. from here. To find out more see About Modules
  2. Move Module
    Move a module to another column through clicking and dragging from here. The column will be ‘greyed’ out when dragging, then dropped in by releasing the mouse button
  3. Edit Module
    The icon will either be a cog/settings icon for list and column modules, or a notepad for basic modules. Once clicked the edit dropdown will appear. 
    Some modules will have a "+  Add"  button in the right hand corner. This will allow you to add new content within this module. For example, if you have added a news list to the page, this  add  button will allow you to add news articles to this list
  4. Edit Module Dropdown
    Edit, copy, move to another page, add to multiple pages through location or hide/show the module from this menu.

    Location lets content from one page appear on other pages. If you edit the content in one location, the same changes will show on all other pages where it is located. You can specify where else content should appear from a list of pages with a check box next to each. In the list of pages you have the option to  edit relationship . This is where you are able to specify on which page the content is based at and on which other pages it will be displayed. Where content shows on other pages it is described as  linked . Changes you make to the content at the  Primary Location   will show on all other locations

    To delete a module, hide it first
    Version history may or may not be activated on your website 
    From left to right, the bottom icons move the module within the column: to the top, up, down or to the bottom



Moving A Module


Clicking and dragging when moving a module