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Creating new pages

Publish Date  and Expire Date  allow you to show or hide the page between specific dates.

The status radio button lets you make the page live, which makes it visible to all website visitors, or hidden, which means it is only visible when you are logged into the admin system.

Exclude from Navigation  hides this page from all the menus on your site.

Hide Navigation on this Page  removes all the menus from this page, creating a "squeeze page".

Exclude from Search Engines  will indicate to google and other search engines that this page should not come up in search results.

Hide page from Screens is an option only available on responsive websites, which allows pages to be displayed only on certain screen sizes.

Thumbnail Image  allows you to add a thumbnail to the page, which will appear on the sub page gallery module.

Icon -  allows you to add an icon next to the name of your page in your site's menu. You can pick an existing icon from the dropdown, or upload an image file for your own icon.

The first two fields in the right column are Page Name and Display Name . Usually you will only need to add the name of your page into the page name  field, and you can leave display name blank. However, because the page name  is used to create the URL for the page, certain special characters such as & * ' - etc cannot be used. If you need to use one of these characters in the name of your page, you can use the display name  field to do so, and it will replace the content shown in the page name  field. 

The page navigation and links  section allows you to redirect one page to another. This can be useful if you would like multiple menu links to point to the same page within your site, or if you would like a link in your site's navigation to point to another website.

The Description text-area allows you to add a description for the page which will be shown in the sub page list module.