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Editing the Menu

Editing the menu


This is a view that includes every page of the site, allowing you to re-arrange, move, hide, show or delete pages.


  1. Page Icon
    Indicates whether a page is hidden or live (greyed out if hidden)
  2. Page Name
    Clicking on the page names takes you to the edit view of the page
  3. Page Settings Button
    Lets you edit the page settings, such as name and meta information
  4. Add Page Button
    Makes a new child page of the selected page
  5. Order Buttons
    Re-arranging the order of the pages within the level they reside. From left to right: move to top, move up one position, move down one position, move to bottom.
  6. Move Button
    Allows you to move the page to a different section of the site, giving it a different parent
  7. Copy Button
    Allows you to duplicate the page
  8. Hide Button
    Hides the page from public view. Hiding a parent page will hide all child pages
  9. Show Button
    Makes the page live and viewable to the public
  10. Delete Button
    Deletes the page completely. This button only appears after a page is hidden. Deleting a page will permanently delete all child pages too
  11. Expand Button
    Expands the page structure so you can see all child pages. Click again to minimise the child pages


Clicking on the name of a page in this view will open this page in the  Edit Page  view, which features add, edit and settings buttons above the content, allowing you to make changes to it. To change the page settings, click on the  Page Settings  button next to the page name.

The navigation bars on your site will be automatically populated from the pages shown here, so changes made here will be displayed on your site's navigation.

The CMS is structured in a hierarchy with the home page as the primary page. Therefore, to show any item of content on all pages of your site, add it to the home page and select "show on child pages ". It will then be shown on every page of your website.

Pages that stem from the homepage at the first level form the main menu on most websites. To add a page to the main menu, click the add page button to the right of the home page. To add a page to the sub menu within a section, click the add page button related to that specific page. For example, if you wanted to add a sub page to about us in the example below, you would click the add page button to the right of about us (the second from the top in this example) and the page would then be added to the sub menu of about us .

On many sites an additional navigation area is available for less important links, which you do not need featured in the main menu. To add pages to this menu, first add a page at the top level (by clicking on the add page  button to the right of the home page) and call this new page Information . Set the status of the new page to live but leave all other settings as they are. You can then add the pages to this menu by clicking the add page  button to the right of the Information page.