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Email Set Up

Setting up Email using smartermail on your Iphone/ipad


This is a guild to show you how to set up your email account with smartermail on the iphone/ipad etc..

Go to your settings on iphone/ipad and scroll down to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and press it.


 This will take you thought to the screen below. Which you then need to press “Add Account”

 This will then take you to this screen, you need to press “Other”.


Then press under Mail heading “Add Mail Account”


This takes you to the screen below. 

Name: This is just for your phone.  

Email:  Put the email address that you wish to access. For example

Password:  Is the password we have created for you in smartermail, If you don’t have it, please contact us and we will provide it to you.

Description: This is filled out for you. This is just a description for your phone.

Press “Next” then it will look for the account and take you to this screen. 

You need to choose Imap or pop email service (we recommend Imap)

                              Imap                                  Pop
The IMAP protocol, by default, allows the user to   keep all messages on the server. It constantly synchronizes the e-mail program with the server and displays what messages are currently present. All the actions performed on the messages (reading, moving, deleting...) will be done directly on the server. Because everything is kept on the server the user will be able to   access the e-mail   in the inbox   from any computer   in the world connected to the Internet and can will always find the same settings in their e-mail account. The POP protocol, by default, is set to   download all the messages   from the e-mail server   onto your computer. This means that all the actions performed on the messages (reading, moving, deleting...) will be performed on one's computer. Because everything is kept on the user’s computer, the user will not be able to reopen messages from any location other than the computer where the messages have been downloaded. Once e-mail is downloaded   it can be accessed only using the   same computer.

Under the heading Incoming Mail Server

Host :  mail.  Followed by your domain name Example

Username: This is the username we gave you. Usually it’s the main email address which you are trying to access. So if you are wanting to access the inbox of the username will be

Password: is the password we provided.

As for outgoing mail server put the same details as incoming mail server.

Then press Next and it will verify the account,

And this screen will pop up, and click on the yes. (if you click no by mistake you can go back and change it in the setting of the account once it’s been made)



Next it will take you to this screen. You need to click the Save and you are done!