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Background Carousel Slide

Background Carousel Slide


To make a slide for the Background Carousel a Library Image With Link needs to be added. 

The image title, author and copyright are not required fields to continue. Having a title makes the image identifiable when in a list ie. within the Background Carousel module. This title will display on the image to users.

The image description can be used to have formatted text overlay the chosen image. This is sometimes used as a call to action and may vary depending on the website template used. 

A link can be added underneath the image description, either as an internal or external hyperlink to a page or resource.

You can use the drop down feature to select an internal page and specify the text of the link in the module footer link text. 

On the left-hand side you can select the main image for this slide of the carousel. 

High resolution images are great for a background, but images of exceptional resolution will impact website load times and be costly on metered connections. Contact us if you need to upload an image to the website that is too large to be added through ProteanCMS.