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Edit subscription

Edit subscription


Subscription details

Name – Displays the name of the subscription.

Stock code – Displays stock code/ref number for the subscription.

Subscription type - When fix length is selected some more options will be available to determine the end date of subscription. When entering duration length use Numeric only (e.g. 3). Rolling will mean it will go on indefinitely until the user stops.

Subscription payments

Set up amount – Entre values, Numeric only (e.g. 0.00)  

Set label – Gives the set up payment amount a label.

Repeating payment amount - Entre values, Numeric only (e.g. 0.00)

Repeating label – Gives the repeating payment amount a label Numeric only (e.g. 0.00)

Period of payment – Select radio button option.

Set up includes first payment - Choose value.

Subscription descriptions

There are text areas to write your description of the subscription you are setting up . 

User group membership

This is where you can select users group membership.