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Links can be added to a Link List or Link Grid module, allowing users to either click through to different internal or external pages. 

This is sometimes a good alternative to a Sub Page Grid module, as sometimes not all child pages need to be featured. 


The Link Title will be the name of the link, which will be displayed on the page unless the page design has been set to hide this

The Type of Link can be internal (going to an existing page of your website) or external

Clicking External will allow you to add in a URL; make sure to use https:// where supported

Clicking Internal will give you a drop-down list of all pages on the website; just choose the one you need

On the left-hand side of the page will be the link thumbnail . This allows an image to be attributed to the link which you can pick from the resource library

The Link accompanying text  will be displayed below the link unless the page design has been set to hide this

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