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Choose the source of the video:

HTML5 will allow you to pick the MP4/OGG/WEBM file from the resource library.

This option allows you to check some extra checkboxes:

  • Allow the user to see controls for the video (pause, play, etc.)
  • Enable auto-play so the video starts on page load
  • Enable loop so the video plays again on end
  • Enable mute stops all sounds until unmuted by the user
  • Preload allows you to choose when the video loads in, which will affect page speeds
  • Choose a poster image from the resource library to display before the video loads

Please note, web browsers will sometimes only allow a video to auto-play if enable mute is ticked. This prevents users from landing on a page and unexpected loud volume interrupting their User eXperience

Choosing YouTube will allow you to add the video code found on the end of the YouTube URL or within Share options on the video

  • If you would like suggested videos displayed when the video ends, check the first box
  • Always use HTTPS if you have a secure certificate

Choose the ratio of your video, usually 16:9

Need help putting information into the formatted text box? Click here