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Using the image library

Using the Resource Library

The Resource Library  tab in the menu at the top of the admin system brings you to the Image Library  by default, as depicted below.

  1. Resource Libraries
    Separate libraries to upload with Images, Documents or Media eg. video files
  2. Folder Structure 
    Each library has its own file and folder structure
    Click on the folder name to open that folder
  3. Up Directory 
    Takes you back to the folder above
  4. Upload Files
    Lets you browse your computer for files to upload
    You can also drag and drop items into the Resource Library
  5. New Folder
    Creates a new folder nested within the folder which you are currently viewing 
  6. Delete Folder
    Permanently deletes the folder and its contents 
  7. Move Button
    Moves the image file to another folder
  8. Delete Button
    Permanently deletes the image 


Adding an image to the Resource Library

Click the Upload Files  button to add images to the resource library . This opens up a window which allows you to browse the file structure on your computer and choose images. There are only certain formats you can use on web pages, the most common being JPEG, PNG and GIF. It's also important that images are prepared correctly.

Sub folders are used to organise the library. It's ok to place images at the top level, but add too many and you'll have a long list to scroll through! Once files are added to a folder they cannot be moved through the admin system. If you would like to move an image to another folder you will need to delete if from the folder and add it again in the correct folder. If you have used this image in any of your site's content, you will need to update this with the new location.

Please note that if you would like to update an image within the resource library  using the same name as an earlier version, you must delete the original image from the resource library before uploading the new version, otherwise the new file will not be added. Alternatively, you can upload the new version with a different name, but you will need to make sure you update any content in your site which uses the image.