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About Modules

About Modules


To add content to the page we use modules. Modules act as containers for information. You can add as many modules as you wish to a page. For example you can add a module to hold some  Formatted Text , another one to hold a list of  News Articles  and another to contain an  Image Gallery .

You are also able to delete, copy, re-order or move modules around the page, or move them other pages on the site. For more details on how to arrange modules on the page, see  editing existing modules

Basic Content

Create Formatted Text, add an Image, embed an uploaded Video, add a YouTube Video, insert a Google Map or add a simple Email Form here

Content   Lists

Display content through Content Lists: News Articles, Events, Products, Contacts, Documents, Videos, Testimonials etc.

Image Galleries

Add a collection of images through a Background Carousel or other gallery types

Navigation   and   Links

Enable easy navigation on your website through adding a  Link List , which can be internal or external, or Subpage Listing which displays child pages from a parent

Social Networking

Add in your Social Links

Column Layouts

Choose a column layout that suits you. Columns can be nested within columns and can be changed to display differently responsively. Add a  Tabbed Layout   or  Accordion   here


Embed some HTML. Only use these features if you are proficient in coding – or contact us


You may have products, membership, ecommerce or other bespoke modules below here. For more information, contact us