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Adding an image

You will see the pick image button in many places within the admin system and the same method is used throughout.

Clicking on the pick  button will open a popup containing the resource library , where you can pick one of the image already uploaded to your site or add a new one. Click the pick image button below the image you wish to use, and you will then see the following screen:

Leave the class field as it is by default, even if it is blank. The path name  field shows the path to the image you have chosen. You can set the width and height of the image, or leave them blank (or with the default values if present) to allow the admin system to resize the image automatically. The alt description allows you to include a description of the image for the benefit of visually impaired users. If this image is purely decorative and will not aid the experience of visually impaired users, you can choose to leave this field blank.