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Background Carousel module

Background Carousel Module


The Background Carousel creates an image gallery slideshow that is responsive to screen size.

To find the Background Carousel you will need to go to add module , image gallery, Background Carousel.

Once selected you will be shown the settings for the carousel. The left hand section should be familiar to you (Publish settings)

Giving the module a title/name is optional and would appear above the carousel.

You can choose whether to hide bullets and arrows using the tick boxes provided.

Bullets refer to the small circles at the bottom of a carousel which appear opaque when a slide is active, and transparent when they are not. A user can click on any of the bullets to switch to the corresponding slide.

Arrows allow a user to navigate back and forth between slides on the side of the active image. 

Hiding both of these will only allow the image to switch after the specified interval.

For the interval, specify the amount of time in milliseconds to delay between automatically switching to the next image. 

The height is the height of the Background Carousel in pixels.

You can either add a new image slide or search for an existing one to add to this module. The name of this content is a LibraryImageWithLink.

As this type of carousel is usually used for backgrounds, it is recommended that the main image used is of very high quality (large pixel density). 

Using the arrows on each slide you can change the order the slides are displayed. The one at the top is first.

You can also edit, remove and show/hide these slides from this view. 

Remember to save  the module