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Image Gallery module

Image Gallery Module


Create a space to display multiple images.

Title or Name

Optional; choose a title or name to be displayed above the Gallery Image List module


Choose if you would like all the images to have the same height and appear more consistent on the page


When selected, once an image is clicked it will go full size on the screen with the outside areas ‘greyed out’

Show Items

Either select all Library Images attributed to the page or specify which ones through adding them here (Add New ) or searching for existing ones

Number Of Columns

Choose the amount of columns to display depending on screen size.

Articles Per Page

Decide how many images are needed per page before a ‘read more ’ is needed.

Sort By

Either sort the images alphabetically, by publish date or page position. When page position is selected you can use choose your own order to display the images through using the content-ordering arrows

Add Articles To a Carousel

Only have one row that can be scrolled through or have multiple rows with all the images displayed at one time