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Sub Page Grid module

Sub Page Grid


This module allows you to automatically display all the child pages of a specified parent page. Either select all children of current page, or select another page of the website through using the drop-down menu

You can specify how many columns you want the grid to be displayed in, how many sub pages you want displayed in the grid before having to click on a button to display more and what order you want them to be displayed in

Allowing image crop will make all page thumbnails the same size


Publish Settings


  1. Page Position
    Which column the current module is located
  2. Publish Date
    Choose when this content goes live or put in retrospectively
  3. Expire Date
    Choose when this content expires from the live website, it will still be available in admin mode
  4. Status
    Set this to live if you would like to make the module visible to everyone who visits your website or set it to hidden if you would only like it to be seen by people logged into the admin system
  5. Show This On Child Pages
    This will make the module visible on all the sub pages below the current page. In order to make a module display on every page, add it to the home page and tick the box next to show this on child pages
  6. Margin Below Module
    By default modules have a margin below them. If you would like to remove this for this module, please select "no"
  7. Hide From Screens
    This allows you to target a module to certain screen sizes. For example, if you want a module to be visible only on a mobile phone, tick the boxes next to small, medium and large