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Windows 10

Standalone or Machine Level Installation ?


EonicWeb is pretty unique in that it is designed to be installed at a machine level so multiple websites can run on the same base source-code.

This has many advantages for web developers working on multiple sites.

However if you want to run EonicWeb as an isolated standalone web application that is also possible. This method is good for evaluating the platform and running in application containers on cloud environments like Microsoft Azure.


Standalone Installation


To Run EonicWeb locally for development purposes, so you can run the website on your machine to make changes independently of the live hosted website follow these instructions.

The best place to start is by downloading the Microsoft Web Platform installer.

From here you will need to install the following...

  • IIS Recommended Configuration
  • URL Rewrite 2.0
  • Microsoft SQL Express LocalDB Edition or have an accessible SQL Server 2012 or later on your local network.

 Once these are installed go to options

And add the following custom feed

Click Add Feed and then OK

Navigate to Applications and CMS

Scroll to the bottom and you should find EonicWeb5 CMS (standalone)  click Add

Click Install and follow the instructions..


Machine Level Installation


Machine Level installation is pretty much the same as our recommended installation path for servers so please read the following reference.