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XSLT Guide

XSLT Guide


eonicweb generates an XML representation of a page. The XML is a consistent format (schema) for every site created. The XML contains all of the content , page information , navigation structure , browser and server information and any cart and membership data relevant to that page or session.

To see the XML generated by eonicweb , add ?xml=x to the end of a page URL.  If the page already has a query string, add &xml=x instead.

It is the web designers task to convert this XML into valid XHTML, which provides the front-end user interface, using XSLT.

XSLT is an enormously powerful tool for building XHTML web pages and the files provided with eonicweb provide examples for almost any situation.

The web designer has ultimate control over what XHTML is rendered.  There is no aspect of the site that cannot be modified or added to.

If you are not familiar with XSLT Microsoft provide an excellent developers reference:

Microsoft XSLT Reference