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New Features Roadmap

New Features Roadmap

What do you want and when do you want it?

Although one of the most flexible platforms in the market today, there is always room for improvement.There are several mechanisms for us to deliver new features to eonicweb .


Our module development methodology allows for numerous bespoke kinds of content to be delivered as independent eonicweb modules whilst still allowing for a clear core platform upgrade path. Check out our Module Gallery if you don't find what you need complete the request a module form.

Core Platform Updates

We have an ongoing programme of platform development... it will never stop! Priorities are set by customer demand, and can be either fixes or new features.

Bespoke Overloads

When what you need is unique to your business and distinctly different from the way EonicWeb works, that is fine. eonicweb is designed to allow us to replace any specific functionality with a bespoke overload, whilst still allowing for the core platform to be upgraded.